Bake it! Make it! Grow it! SHOW it!

It’s the Library’s summer Show and Tell!  You can be part of this virtual community event, a slide show inspired by a traditional British village show, but entirely photo-based.  All you need to do is email us your entry, which consists of three things:

  1. A close-up photo of something you baked, made or grew.
  2. A photo of your own smiling face (the entrant).
  3. A comment or story about your entry (approx. 20-50 words).

We’ll compile the entries into a slide show to be featured on the Library’s website and displayed in our building during the month of September. 

You are invited to enter in one or more of the following categories:

1: FLOWERS: e.g. a single bloom, a mixed arrangement of greenery or flowers in a container or vase.

2: PRODUCE: e.g. tomatoes, squash, leafy greens, herbs, fruit, mixed produce.

3: ARTS AND CRAFTS: e.g. works on paper, sculpture, jewelry, textile arts.

4: BAKING: e.g. cookies, cupcakes, large cakes or breads, savory quiches or casseroles.